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 Post subject: The "Master list of Chain Saw brand's"
PostPosted: Nov 23rd, '07, 22:18 
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Help us to make the most complete, and up to date list of saw brand names possible.

Click this link and make a post, to make suggestion, correction or comments for the current master list.
A "Master list of Chain Saw brand's" in progress.

The names that are underlined are directly linked to the forum for this brand in Models library where there are models posted with pictures.
Just click on the brand name to go to Models Library.

Chain Saw brand names.

AEG (Germany) Electric saws only.

Agway (USA) Store brand. Rebadged (?)

AKCO (Germany)

Alden (USA) Store brand. Rebadged Poulan

Alko (Germany)

Allen (?) Rebadged Zenoah

Allis Chambers (USA) 1971?-1978? Rebadged Poulan & Wright

Alpina (Italy)

Apollo (Japan)

Arbor (Finland) 1917-192_? A portable, one man drag saw.

Archimedes (Sweden)

Arli (Sweden)

Ariens (USA) Rebadged (?)

Arsneau (USA) 1925

AS Schefenacker (Germany)

Aspin (England)

Atkins (USA)

Atlanta (USA) 1965?

Atom (Australia)

Bamse (Norway)

Barkas (Germany)

Barker (USA) 1949?-1969?

BBT (?)

Be-Bo (Sweden) 1949

Bell (?)

Bens (USA)

Bernhard (?)

Black & Decker (USA)

Blitz (Germany)

Blue Grass (USA) 1955?-1964? Rebadged Clinton & Remington

Blue Max (?)

Blue Streak (Australia) 1951?-1956?

Bobcat (USA) Clinton

Bolens (USA) 1954-1962 made by Clinton until 1956

Bosch (Germany)

Bullcraft (?)

Bumble Bee (?)

Burnett (Canada) 1945?-1949?

Burns (USA) 1957-1961?

Canadian (Canada) see Power Machinery

Campbell Hausfeld (USA) 1974?-1980? Rebadged Lombard

Carpi (Italy)

Casey (?)

Castel (?)

Castor (Italy)

C B Tool (USA)

Chief (USA) 1954-196_? Clinton

Chip-A-Saw (USA) 1957-1968?

Choremaster-Weber (USA) 1953-!955? Rebadged Clinton

Clinton (USA) 1952-1964

Cobra (USA) 1956-1962?

Comet (Norske SĂ„gblads fabrik)1949-1953

Comet (Como, Sweden) 1950-1953

Comet (USA) O&R Engines 1961?-1964?

Comet (USA) Hoffco 1964?-1966?

Companion (Sweden) 1961?

Cox (USA) 1965?-1967? Only made one model:140 Beaver

Craftsman (USA) 1947-present

Crescent (Sweden) 1962

Chrysler outboard corp (USA

Cub Cadet (USA)

Danarm (England)

David Bradley (USA) 1951-1964?

Dayton (USA) Granger store brand. Rebadged Lancaster & ?

Desa (USA) Remington

Disston (USA) 1942-1953?

Dolmar (Germany) 1927-present

Dolpima (Poland)

Dow (USA) 1933-1937? Powered by Indian motorcycle engine.

Druszba (Russia) 1954-present

Duramark (Canada) Easton store brand. Rebadged Homelite.

Dynamark (USA)

Easton (?)

Echo (Japan) 1963?-present

Eclipse (USA)

Efco (Italy) Formerly Oleo-Olympik

EIA (Sweden)

Einhell (Germany)

Electr-O (USA)

Elfing (Finland) Rebadged Jonsereds & Stihls

England Motors (USA) 1955

Erco (Germany)

Eska (USA) 1961-1962? Rebadged Indians

Esper (?)

Eversharp (USA) 1958

Fairmont (USA)

Falls Products (USA)

Farmcrest (Canada) 1953-1955? Rebadged Clintons

Faun (Germany)

Festo (Germany)

Flash (Canada)

Fleetwood (USA) 1954?-1956 Made by Baystate Equipment, sold to FMC Corp.

Fleetwood (USA) 1957-1962? Made by FMC Corp.

Fleurelle (Germany) Rebadged Solo & Poulan

Folux (Italy)

Ford (USA) 1971-1975

Frontier (Canada)

Fuji Juko (Subaru)

Fulton (USA) 1957?

Gamble-Skogmo (?)

Garden (?)

General Electric (USA)

Gerber (Sweden) Portable one-man gasoline powered band saw.

Gravely (USA) Chain saw attachment for Gravely tractor.

Grass Queen (USA)

Greenlee (USA) Rebadged Fairmont.

Green Machine (USA)

Grizzly (?)

Guede (Germany) Rebadged Zenoah

Handy (?)

Hassler (USA)

Hatsuta (Brazil) Rebadged ?

Hitachi (Japan)

Hoe (USA) 1962 Two models only. Rebadged Partners.

Hoffco (USA) 1949-1967?

Homelite (USA) 1947-present

Hornet (Canada) 1946-1951 Company was sold to Mall Tool Company.

Hunziker (Switzerland)

Husqvarna (Sweden) 1959-present

Hydra-Flex Von Ruden (USA)

Hydrasaw (USA)

Hyry (Finland)

ICS (USA) Use diamond studded saw chain

IEL (Canada) 1943-195-? Formerly Smith. Later renamed Pioneer

Ikra (Germany)

Imperial (USA) Rebadged Strunk

Indian (USA) 1956-1962? Formerly Luther

Ircem (?)

Jet Star (USA)

JMP (Czech Republic)

Jo-Bu (Norway)

John Deere (USA) 1969-present

Jonsered (Sweden) 1954-present

Kee Line (USA) Rebadged David Bradley

Kingcraft (China)

Kreis (?)

Krona (Russia)

Kubota (Japan)

Lamb (USA) 1958-1964?

Lam Bretta (England) Clintons

Lancaster (USA) 1955?-1967?

Landoni (Italy)

Leitz (?)

Leroy Somer (?)

Liner (England)

Little Beaver (USA)


Logosol (?)

Lombard (USA) 1943-1984?

Lomellina (Italy)

Lumber Jack (USA) Brand owned and made by Root

Luther (USA) 1953?-1955 Rebadged Clinton. Became Indian chain saws

Mafell (Germany)

Magfam (Germany)

Makita (Japan) 1991-present

Mall (USA) 1937-1956

Massey Ferguson (USA) 1984-1987? Rebadged Ropers

Mastercraft (Germany) Rebadged Kingcraft.

McCulloch (USA) 1948-present

Meier Line (USA) 1965?

Mercury (USA) see Disston

Metrom Uzina (Romania)

Milwaukee (USA)

Mini Brute (USA) Powered by 12 volt car battery

Minneapolis Moline (USA) 1961-1962? Rebadged Indians

Mitchell (USA)

Metabo (?)

Metrom Uzina (Romania)

Mobilco (Australia)

Monark Silver King (USA) 1956-?

Mondial (?)

Mono (USA)

Montgomery Wards (USA) Rebadged Malls, Clintons, Monos, Remingtons, McCullochs & ????

Muir (USA) 1908-1925?

Multiquip (USA)

Narex (?)

National (USA) 1956?

Nautac (?)

Niagara Gemerac (?) (?)

Northern King (?) Clinton

NSU Ural (Germany)

Ohlssen & Rice (USA) 1960-1975?

Oleo Mac (Italy)

Olympic - Olympik (Italy)

Opem (Italy)

Orline (USA) 1968?-1975?

Pacemaker 1956-1957?

Parosa (Italy)

Partner (Sweden) 1951-

Paul Bunyan (USA) 1968?

Peerless (USA) 1965-1967? Formerly Clinton

J C Penny (USA) Store brand. Rebadged Poulan

Petrol Products (?)

Peugeot (France)

Pioneer (Canada) 195?-198? Formerly IEL renamed to Pioneer

Porter Cable (USA) 1956-1959?


Poulan (USA) 1946?-present

Power Guide (USA) 1958?

Power King (?)

Power Machinery (Canada) 1947-197?

Power Pruner (USA)

PPK (France)

Precision (Canada) 1946-1954?

Prinz (Austria)

Pro/Inc. (USA) 1965?-1967?

ProKut (USA)

PS (?)

Ram (USA) 1957?-1959? Produced only two models.

Rapid (Germany)

Record (Germany)

Redmax (USA)

Reed Prentice (USA) 1925-1955

Relex (?)

Remington (USA) 1957-198_?

Retezat (Romania)

Rexo (France)

Ridgid (USA)

Riteway (USA) 1953-1955 One model only. Rebadged Reed-Prentice

Rinco (Germany) 1924?-1944?

Ring Saw (USA) 1968?-1974?

Rocket Line (USA)

Roper (USA) 1956?-1988?

Root (USA)

Rototiller (USA)

Ryobi USA)

Saba (Italy)

Sabart (Italy)

Sabre (?)

Sachs (Germany)

Sachs-Dolmar (Germany)

Sachs-Westanov (Germany)

Sally Saw (USA) 1946-195? 4 cycle ring type saw

Sandviken 1943-45 (Sandviks Bruk Sweden)

Sankey Aspin (England)

Sauer (?)

Schmatz (Austria)

Sears (USA) 1965-198_? see Craftsman

Sector (Sweden) 1916-1928? Flexable shaft drive.

Sibu (?)

Shade (Canada)

Shark (?)

Shindaiwa (Japan)

Shingu (?)

Shinsho (?)

Skarie (USA) 1955-1956? Produced only one model.

Skil (USA)

Smart's (Canada) 1954-1955 Rebadged Fleetwood

Smith Timberhog (Canada) 1939-1943

Snapper (USA)

Solo (Germany) 1958-present

Spartan (?)

Spear & Jackson (Canada)

Spiegel (USA) Store brand. Rebadged Indian

Star Line (USA)

Stearns (USA)

Steimax (?)

Stiga (Sweden)

Stihl (Germany) 1926-present

Strunk (USA) 1952-196?

Suburban Logger (USA)

Sun Flower (?) Clinton

Sylva (Austria) 1926 - ?

[url=""]Taiga (Russia)[/url]

[url=""]Tall Timber - Leland Carr[/url]

Tanaka (Japan)

Tapio (Finland) 1917

Tarpen (?)

TAS (Japan)

Teco (?) Clinton

Teles Smith (England)

Termit (Finland)

Terrill (USA) 1955?-1959?

Titan (USA) 1940-1957 Sold to Draper and then resold FMC Corp.

Titan (USA) 1957-1962? Made by FMC Corp.

Tomos (Slovenia)

Topso (Italy)

Toro (USA)

Trams (USA) 1957-1959?

Tree Farmer (USA)

Tronk (?)

Troy Bilt (USA)

Tubsing (USA) see Atlanta

Turbomatic (Canada)

Universal (Switzerland)

Ural (Russia)

Ural Maschinen (Germany)

Valmet (Finland) 1958-1962?

Vamos (?)

VAP (?)

Village Blacksmith (USA)

Vulcan (?)

Wards (USA) see Montgomery Wards

Wasp (USA)

Wen (USA)

Werus (Germany)

White (USA)

Whitehead (USA) 1962-1964

Wizard - Western Auto(USA)

Wolf (USA) 1920-1942

Wright (USA) 1947-1970?

Xenoah (Japan)

Yanmar (Japan)

Yard Machines (USA)

Zenoah Komatsu (Japan)

Zundapp (Germany)

Please help to complete this list.

Click on the link below, to comment. "We thank you, all for your input."
A "Master list of Chain Saw brand's" in progress.

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A "Master list of Chain Saw brand's" in progress.

Post your saws in the models library. More saws makes better library!
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