750 Pioneer restoration help.

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Eddy J
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750 Pioneer restoration help.

Post by Eddy J » May 14th, '17, 09:03

I'm restoring a pioneer 750 and need a new coil, can someone recommend where to get a replacement coil/ what type to get?


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Old Mac Guy
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Re: 750 Pioneer restoration help.

Post by Old Mac Guy » May 14th, '17, 09:17

Hello, Eddy J
:welcome: to the forum.
Moved your post here to Wanted section where more people will see it.
Good Luck with the restoration!

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Re: 750 Pioneer restoration help.

Post by Modifiedmark » May 14th, '17, 12:00

Hello, your not the first to need a new coil for these series of Pioneer saws.

After I had restored my Pioneer 750 with which I ended up using the coil from a C series Homelite which I had to modify the original Pioneer core to fit, I ran across a coil that I thought would bolt right on it that was for a Johnson/Evenrude outboard motor.

Johnson Evinrude 584477 is the one if my notes are correct. Do a google search for that and you will find them all over the place.

I know Torinocobra bought some and said it would work. I think Cbfarmall did as well.

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Re: 750 Pioneer restoration help.

Post by cbfarmall » May 19th, '17, 15:51

The Johnson Evinrude coil works perfectly. Square hole matches the chainsaw laminated core and the wire points the correct direction. I had to extend the lead to the points, but that was all.

Chris B.

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