Wright GS-4520, B-520

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Wright GS-4520, B-520

Post by Lewis Brander » Dec 28th, '05, 03:27

Here is my Wright GS-4520 Reciprocating blade saw. I believe also called a Super Reble. She's a runner but for now is missing the toothed blade. Original paint was a bronze color, similar to an olsmobile engine paint, the paint has faded a bit on this saw. Lewis Brander.

Edited: This Reciprocating saw was originally posted as a GS-2520, but it has been brought to my attention that it is a GS-4520, so correcting the post. Does anyone know the years of production of this saw? Lewis.

Here is a pic of a friends Wright model B-520, that shows some of the toothed blade.
My hobby is restoring old chainsaws. Just becaurse its old, doesn't mean it can't run again and be made to look as it did originally.
Note: Sharing info: Anyone can use my posted information on the CSCF without any prior approval. Lewis.

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