Make a post and say hello.

Make a thread and tell a bit about yourself and your interests.
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Re: Make a post and say hello.

Post by Old Mac Guy » Nov 14th, '17, 23:58

Hello, Eric.
:welcome: to the forum!

We all love to see photos of members' saws, so if you can take some, please post up a group in the News in Collection section, and with some pix also of the box and accessories.

You can see photos of other members' Partner R-12's here: ... f=20&t=938

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Re: Make a post and say hello.

Post by chy_farm » Nov 15th, '17, 01:15

Hello Eric welcome to our forum. Glad to know you are around the same age we(I and some more though) are. I also love to run R12 of Partner, it's a very fantastic girl in my collection.
I also love to use some traditional kitchen knifes made of Shirogami steel which is a kind of blade steels here.
Wish to see some pics of your saws and knifes.
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Re: Make a post and say hello.

Post by totte » Nov 15th, '17, 15:34

If you get them, no matter how and why, guard them well!

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